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Aschenbrenner Law Offices has been providing information, educational and legal services since we opened our doors. The date was June 14, 1974; our location: above a furniture store on Third Avenue in Fairbanks. 
This page provides a brief narrative tour of this site and its resources.
Aschenbrenner Law Offices provides a range of educational opportunities for Alaska lawyers, legal assistants, and, most importantly, non-lawyers interested in improving their skills in such fields as managing your workers, managing real properties and estate planning.
By surfing these pages you will find information about our workshops and publications along with background information on this site and its featured author.
Resume will take you to the CV of Peter J. Aschenbrenner.
Articles will take you to the thirty-threearticles published in the Alaska State Bar Association’s quarterly journal, The Bar Rag. The latest article is titled "Governor Egan's Palette: From Monet's Water Lillies to David's Coronation." It will be published in the October/December 2012 edition. All thirty-three articles – slightly revised for publication on this site – are included, along with a critical apparatus and links to the ABA’s website.
As of the fall of 2010, the Journal of Public Law now publishes pieces inspired by recent cases and developments in constitutional law in the United States. All three articles have been published so far and all three are included on this site, revised to accommodate the more leisurely expanse that cyber-space affords the commentator. The apparatus serves its modest purpose here as well.
Needless to say,  all materials are copyrighted by ALO ©2014 except for material from government or other public sources or where it's perfectly obvious that the material is not mine. The moral rights of the author are reserved. Credits have been given as required by publishers.  If you enjoyed this website you might care to try Karl W. Aschenbrenner's Wikipedia article.

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