Bar Memberships:
Alaska - 1972 (Colorado and California licenses are inactive.)
University of Wisconsin, BA 1968
University of California at Berkeley, JD 1971
Student Honors:
Note and Comment Editor, California Law Review (1970-1971)
Organizer, Indian Law Seminar (Spring 1971)
Co-Author, Law and the Native American (with D. Rebecca Snow), 1971.
Student Publications:
Comment, State Power and the Indian Treaty Right to Fish, 59 Cal. L. Rev. 485 (1971)
[cited in United States v. Washington, 645 F. 2d 749, 754 n. 7 (9th Cir. 1981) (Kennedy, J.)
and United States v. Oregon, 657 F. 2d 1009, 1016 (9th Cir. 1982)(Kennedy, J.) and in
other opinions.] 
Journals to which Mr. Aschenbrenner regularly contributes articles:
The Journal of Public Law (London), Reporter, At-Large, United States.
The Alaska Bar Association Journal (Anchorage) aka The Bar Rag
Other Bar Admissions:
United States District Court, District of Alaska - 1972
United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit - 1977
Judicial Appointments:
  • United States Magistrate, appointed by the Hon. James A. von der Heydt,
United States District Judge, 1974-1978;
  • United States Magistrate, appointed by the Hon. James M. Fitzgerald,
United States District Judge, 1978-1982, 1982-1986;
  • United States Magistrate, appointed by the Hon. H. Russel Holland, United
States District Judge, 1986-1990 and 1990-1991.
Alaska Supreme Court Appointment:
  • Reporter to the Supreme Court for the Civil Rules Committee, appointed by
the Hon. Jay A. Rabinowitz, Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court,
Gubernatorial Appointments:
  • Commissioner, Judicial Conduct Commission, appointed by the Hon. Frank
Murkowski, April, 2004.
  • Commissioner, Judicial Conduct Commission, re-appointed by the Hon.
Sarah Palin, April, 2008.
Library Credentials:
  • British Reading Room
  • Library of Congress
  • National Archives
Publications in Print (self-published):
The Thoroughly Modern Landlord
The Alaska Commercial Landlord Manual
The Alaska Employment Manual for “Just Cause” Employees
The Alaska Employment Manual for “At Will” Employees 
Better Recoveries from Bad Debt
Sue it Yourself: Going to Small Claims Court
Alaska Nonprofit Corporation Manual
Alaska Business Corporation Manual
Alaska Limited Liability Company Manual
Mr. Aschenbrenner has written eight other books in this genre; these are in various stages of
revision and/or are out-of-print.
Articles in The Alaska Bar Rag
1 – Tea with the Chief: Interview with Chief Justice Wm. Rehnquist
2 – Return to Grand Fenwick: Interview with Chief Justice Rehnquist, cont’d
3 – Mr. Madison's Motions: M ’n’ M at 200 Years Old
4 – Where was Bertrand Russell (When the Law Lords Really Needed Him?)
5 – Tortoise v. Achilles, 4 Mind 278 (1895)
6 – More on White Rabbits and Tortoises
7 – Brown v. Board: Fifty Years Out
8 – Extra Dry and Extra-Judicial: A WineLover’s Guide to Judicial Ethics
9 – Inspector Maigret's Guide to Venue
10 – Lobbying Judges and Computer 'Spyware': A Connection
11 – A Quick Fix for Constitutional Addicts
12 – Giving the Nod to Speech Acts
13 – A Report to the Governor: Free and unFree Speech for Judges
14 – Sancho Panza on the Appellate Bench
15 – Our Euro-Class Constitution:Part One
16 – Our Euroclass Constitution Part Deux: Farmers and Ranchers Get Along with
  Ronald Coase
17 – Hey Dude, Where's My Wig?
18 – Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me: Beebo Brinker Meets the Tenth Amendment
19 – James Madison On Our Recent Presidential Election
20 – Liars and Lawyers, Part One
21 – Liars and Lawyers, Part Deux
22 – Liars and Lawyers, Part Three: Being Refuted Beats Refuting
23 – Our Constitutional Logic Part I: Jefferson’s Thirteenth Amendment
24 – Our Constitutional Logic Part II: Washington’s Oath
25 – Col. Hamilton's Quandary: 'Who's Your Daddy?'
26 – Midnight at the Supreme Court: John Marshall's Deathly Hallo's.
27 – Sarah Palin's Constitution: Sarah and the Old Virginians
28 – Sarah and the Old Princetonians: The Tigers and the Tenthers
29 – Sarah Palin Channels Ludwig Wittgenstein Part I
30 – Alexander Hamilton and Albert Einstein Drop ‘The Big One’ on James Madison
31 – The metes and bounds of the Haskervilles: It's elementary, My Dear Madison!
32 – Welcome to Spenard, Humor Capital of Alaska
33 – W.A. Mozart sprinkles 'Tutti Frutti' Spenardwards
Law Partnerships and Other Employment:
Aschenbrenner & Savell, 1974-1980; Aschenbrenner & Brooks, 1984-1989; Bradbury, Bliss &
Riordan and Bliss Riordan, 1991-1993. 
Mr. Aschenbrenner has practiced as a sole practitioner in 1974, 1980-1984, and since February
1, 1993.
Mr. Aschenbrenner was employed by the Alaska Supreme Court in Anchorage and Fairbanks,
1973-1974 to revise the Rules of Civil Procedure and by Alaska Legal Services Corporation
in 1972-1973 in Anchorage and Fairbanks.
Aschenbrenner Law Offices was founded in June 1974; Mr. Aschenbrenner practiced law while
serving as United States Magistrate from 1974 through 1991.  He partnered with Richard
Savell from 1974 to 1981, and with Bradbury, Bliss & Riordan from 1989 to 1993. 
Mr. Aschenbrenner associates with attorney Jo Friday in the Anchorage office of the firm. 
The firm emphasizes real property law, employment law, health law, and creditors’ rights. 
Appellate cases argued or briefed by Mr. Aschenbrenner
(with opinions published in the Alaska Reporter):
CITATIONCOURT/YEAR TITLE                             
225 P.3d 1097 (Alaska 2010)   Mat-Su Regional Medical Center v. Voss
141 P.3d 726   (Alaska 2006)   Valley Hospital Ass’n v. Brauneis
137 P.3d 289    (Alaska 2006)  Fairbanks North Star Borough v. ICHRRA
135 P.3d 1000 (Alaska 2006)   ICHRRA v. Fairbanks North Star Borough
115 P.3d 527     (Alaska 2005)  Interior Trails Preservation Coalition v. Swope
113 P.3d 613    (Alaska 2005)  State v. Trust the People
84 P.3d 418      (Alaska 2004)  ANTHC v. Settlement Funds (Warden and
66 P.3d 736       (Alaska 2003) Jerue v. Millett
995 P.2d 657    (Alaska 2000) Parks Hiway Ent. LLC v. CEM Leasing, Inc.
835 P.2d 1225  (Alaska 1992)  UAF v. Patten
768 P.2d 124     (Alaska 1989)  Smith v. Krebs                       
761 P.2d 1013    (Alaska 1988) Rybachek v. Sutton 
756 P.2d 270     (Alaska 1987)  Lundgren v. NBA
742 P.2d 227     (Alaska 1987)  Lundgren v. NBA
742 P.2d 781     (Alaska 1987)   Interior Taxpayers Ass'n, Inc. v. FNSB
736 P.2d 1147   (Alaska 1987)   Donnybrook Bldg. Supply Co. v. FNBA
723 P.2d 1267   (Alaska 1986)  Gaudiane v. Lundgren                 
713 P.2d 1203   (Alaska 1986)  Drake v. Hosley                      
670 P.2d 707     (Alaska 1983)  Vest v. FNBF
664 P.2d 575     (Alaska 1983)  State Dept. of Labor v. UAF
663 P.2d 547     (Alaska 1983)  Hayer v. NBA
659 P.2d 1233   (Alaska 1983)  Vest v. FNBF
658 P.2d 761     (Alaska 1983)  Bentley Family Trust v. Noyes
630 P.2d 13(Alaska 1981)   Morris v. State                      
628 P.2d 565     (Alaska 1981)  City of Fairbanks v. Rice            
628 P.2d 918     (Alaska 1981)   Ballard v. Stich                     
623 P.2d 1216    (Alaska 1981)  Alaska Ins. Co. v. RCA Alaska
621 P.2d 887     (Alaska 1980)  State v. 18,018 Square Feet
618 P.2d 561      (Alaska 1980)  Walker v. White                      
615 P.2d 1   (Alaska 1980)   Penn v. Ivey                         
615 P.2d 631      (Alaska 1980)  Dalton v. ICB
599 P.2d 746     (Alaska 1979)   Veach v. Meyeres Real Estate, Inc.   
593 P.2d 621     (Alaska 1979)    Robinson v. State                    
581 P.2d 218      (Alaska 1978)  Ashbrook v. O'Harra                  
577 P.2d 1077    (Alaska 1978)  Miller v. State                      
575 P.2d 782      (Alaska 1978)  Gipson v. State                      
569 P.2d 1338    (Alaska 1977)  Maher v. Maher                       
567 P.2d 311       (Alaska 1977)  Duncan v. City of Fairbanks          
564 P.2d 1219    (Alaska 1977)   Taylor v. State                      
559 P.2d 104      (Alaska 1977)   ICB v. Bussing
549 P.2d 1341    (Alaska 1976)   Loomis Electronic Protection v. Schaefer
548 P.2d 279      (Alaska 1976)  Morrow v. New Moon Homes, Inc.       
545 P.2d 163      (Alaska 1976)   Nickels v. State                     
540 P.2d 1056   (Alaska 1975)   City of Fairbanks v. Metro Co.       
Workshops and Seminars (from 1998 forward):
October, 1998Alaska Wills & Trusts Workshop
October, 1998Employment Law “At Will” Workshop
November, 1998  Alaska Nonprofit Corporations
November, 1998  Alaska Business Corporations
December, 1998   Better Recoveries From Bad Debt
December, 1998   Alaska Wage & Hour /Fair Labor Standards Act
December, 1998   The Thoroughly Modern Landlord
December, 1998   The Alaska Commercial Landlord
June, 1999      Hiring The New Worker / Letting People Go
June, 1999      The Thoroughly Modern Landlord
June, 1999      The Alaska Commercial Landlord
July, 1999       Alaska Nonprofit Corporations
July, 1999       Alaska Business Corporations – Getting Organized
February, 1999     Alaska Health Care Provider Liens
May, 2000      Alaska Wage And Hour And FLSA Manual Workshop
May, 2000      Alaska Wills And Trusts Guidebook Workshop
June, 2000     Sterling: Eviction Seminar
October, 2000      Society For Human Resource Management:
  Wrongful Termination
November, 2000 Alaska Health Car Provider Liens
November, 2001  Lorman: Alaska’s Small Claims Court
June, 2002     Sterling: Commercial And Residential Evictions Seminar
July, 2002      Thoroughly Modern Landlord Workshop
July, 2002      A Guide To Small Claims Court Workshop
August, 2002Alaska Business Corporations
August, 2002Alaska Wills And Trusts Guidebook I
November, 2002 Lorman: Alaska’s Small Claims Court
November, 2002 Sterling: Evictions in Alaska
October, 2003      National Business Institute: Advanced Collection Strategies
March, 2004  Sterling: Commercial Leases
May, 2004      National Business Institute: Debt Collection Start To Finish
May, 2004      AAA: Debt Collection: Start to Finish
May, 2005      The Thoroughly Modern Landlord
May, 2005     National Business Institute: Alaska Residential Landlord Issues
May, 2006      Ft. Wainwright Family Housing: Landlord Workshop
July, 2006     American Society of Independent Accounts: Creditor’s Claims In
January, 2007      National Business Institute: Debt Collection Strategies
October, 2007       Fairbanks Neighborhood Housing Services: Landlord Forum
May, 2008      Ft. Wainwright Family Housing: Landlord Workshop
April, 2009     Alaska “At Will” Employment Law
April, 2009     Thoroughly Modern Landlord Workshop
May, 2009      Alaska Limited Liability Companies
May, 2009      Alaska Wage And Hour / FLSA
May, 2009      Ft. Wainwright Family Housing: Landlord Workshop
November, 2009 National Business Institute:  Debt Collection Strategies
February, 2010    Thoroughly Modern Landlord Seminar (an ECE course accredited by the
  Alaska Real Estate Commission).
February, 2010   Lawyers For Justice – Health Care Provider Liens
August, 2010 Condomania 1
August, 2010The Thoroughly Modern Landlord
A few comments: This list excludes client-oriented workshops, such as the ones for cities,
native corporation boards, or institutional landlords on subjects of their choosing.
The list also excludes workshops on topics for which the books need to be updated. 
© 2011 Aschenbrenner Law Offices  All rights reserved.
Credentials of Peter J. Aschenbrenner
University of Wisconsin, BA 1968
University of California at Berkeley, JD 1971
Reporter to the Civil Rules Committee,
Alaska Supreme Court 1973-1974
United States Magistrate Judge, 1974-1991
Commissioner, Alaska Commission on
Judicial Conduct since 2004
Attorney in private practice since 1974
Fairbanks and Anchorage
Author of sixteen self-education books
Anchorage, Alaska