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Credentials of Peter J. Aschenbrenner
University of Wisconsin, BA 1968
University of California at Berkeley, JD 1971
Reporter to the Civil Rules Committee, 
Alaska Supreme Court 1973-1974
United States Magistrate Judge, 1974-1991
Commissioner, Alaska Commission on 
Judicial Conduct 2004-2012
Author of sixteen self-education books
Recently published British and American Foundings of Parliamentary Science, 1774-1801
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Current to 11 February 2018 

paschenb@purdue.edu (to be phased out by 2019)

Doctorate Awarded/Law Review/Editorial Position Held: 

University of Wisconsin, BA 1968
University of California at Berkeley, JD 1971
California Law Review 1970-1971
Note and Comment Editor

Monograph Published:

British and American Foundings of Parliamentary Science, 1774-1801, (Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge, 2017). Preface by David Natzler, Clerk of the House of Commons, Under Clerk of the Parliaments, Palace of Westminster (UK).  

​Forthcoming Reviews for British and American Foundings:

Reviews are forthcoming in the Journal of Parliaments, Estates &  Representation (Routledge, UK) and in Public Law (Sweet & Maxwell, UK). 

Monograph, MS Completed. 

Secretaries Gallatin and Armstrong at War: Case Studies in Evolving  Bureaucracy during the Madison Administration, 1812-1815. Forward by Maj. Michael Bonura (Under the Shadow of Napoleon), Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. 

Forthcoming Presentations at Academic Conferences: 

Evidence Lost in a ‘False Geography’: How Variable Management Enabled Bentham to Avoid Transplanting ‘English Mischiefs upon French Ground’ in his Draught of a Code for the French Judicial System. Paper accepted for presentation at the Bentham Project Symposium (12 – 13 April 2018, Endsleigh Gardens, UCL, London). 

Chief Justice John Marshall and ‘The Exigencies of the Nation’. Paper accepted for presentation at the Lebanon Valley College (Second Annual) Conference on Political History (8-9 June 2018, Annville, PA). Solicited by Prof. James Broussard, conference organizer. 

Current Academic Position: 

I am currently an independent scholar, pending finalization of my next academic appointment. From 2011 to 2017 I held a research appointment in the Department of History, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana thanks to the courtesy of Dean John Larson.

Panel Accepted at Future Conference: 

Panel organized for the 2018 Conference of the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions, to be hosted by the Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät. Venue: the Institut für  
Rechts- und Verfassungsgeschichte / Department of Legal and Constitutional History, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, September, 2018. The topic explores the ‘probability of success’ of a statutory enactment, exploring leads offered by Jeremy Bentham’s Essay on Political Tactics (1791, 1843).

Translation in Progress:

[Samuel Romilly, George Wilson, James Trail] Règlemens Observés dans la Chambre des Communes, pour débattre les matières & pour voter. Mis au jour par le Comte de Mirabeau. [Paris] 1789. [British Library copy bound with other tracts; 88 pages; Avis 6 pp.]. Anticipated completion date: December 2018.

Contributions to Public Law:

In July, 2015 I was appointed as Reporter on United States Supreme Court decisions for the International Survey of Public Law (Sweet & Maxwell, London). My 2015 - 2017 USSC articles are referenced below together with my other Public Law articles.  

United States of America—Supreme Court Term 2016 Overview—widespread agreement among justices on issues arising in densely regulated legal environments—investiture of Justice Neil Gorsuch 10 April 2017—interim resolution of ‘travel ban’ issues arriving from appellate tribunals; the Court sides with the government’s opponents. [2017] P.L. 699 (October 2017). 

United States of America ─ Supreme Court Term 2015 Overview ─ major themes: continued emphasis on technical analysis in discrete subject matter areas promote cohesion ─ Chief Justice Roberts’s leadership guides Supreme Court forward after death of Justice Antonin Scalia. [2016] P.L. 720 (October 2016).  

United States of America ─ Supreme Court Term 2014 Overview ─ major themes: technical analysis and incremental movement in discrete subject matter areas trump ideology ─ Chief Justice Roberts completes tenth term on high note. [2015] P.L. 707. October 2015 issue. 

Commissioned Book Reviews:

For the Journal of Military History (Society for Military History, US):

The Man Who Captured Washington: Major General Robert Ross and the War of 1812 by John McCavitt and Christopher T. George (Norman: OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2016). Vol. 80, No. 4 (Oct. 2016) at 1203-1204. 

For the Political Studies Review (Political Studies Association, UK):

Called to Account: How Corporate Bad Behaviour and Government Waste Combine to Cost Us Millions by Dame Margaret Hodge (London: Little, Brown Book Group, 2016) Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 477-478; August, 2017.

Time and Politics: Parliament and the Culture of Modernity in Britain and the British World by Ryan A. Vieira (Oxford University Press, 2015). Vol. 15, Issue 2, p. 316; January, 2017. 

Federal Judicial Appointments:

United States Magistrate Judge, appointed by the Hon. James A. von der Heydt, United States District Judge, for the four year term 1974-1978; subsequent appointments 1978-1982, 1982-1986, 1986-1990 and 1990-1991. 

Papers Presented at Recent Conferences:

« Nous ne voulons rien des Anglais. Nous ne devons imiter personnne» Sources of Parliamentary Procedure in the French Constitution of 3 Septembre 1791. Paper delivered at the 69e Congrès International pour l’Histoire des Assemblées d’Etat, Orléans, France, 5-8 September, 2017 (6 September; slides presented in French, English and German). Comments by Dr. Francesco Di Donato, Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope. 

‘Potremmo replicare se volevamo o dubitaremmo che avvenisse’: Sources of Parliamentary Procedure Located in Galilei’s Discorsi e Dimostrazioni Matematiche (1638). Paper given at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope, Napoli, Italia (16 Ottobre 2017; slides presented in Italian, French, and English).  

‘Federal Publication Programs & Activist Government, 1817-1825.’ Paper given at the 2017 Lebanon Valley College Conference on ‘Politics in the Era of Good Feelings’; hosted by the Center for Political History, Lebanon Valley College, at Annville, PA, 27 May 2017. Comments by Wm. Cutler, Temple University. 

El Futur de Catalunya & Scotland’s Tomorrow: Lessons from the Eighteenth Century in Modelling Sources for Newly Organized European Governments. Paper given at the 2016 Conference of the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions, hosted by the University of the Balearic Islands at Palma de Mallorca, 6-9 September 2016. This paper was accepted for publication by the Institut d'Estudis Autonòmics of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca; projected publication date 2018.  

Risking High Intensity and Managing Lower Intensity Conflicts via the Approach to Readiness for Mobilization Crafted by the Madison, Monroe and Adams Administrations, 1814-1829; paper given at the biennial conference of the Center of Military History, Department of the Army, at the U.S. Army Historians Training Symposium, 27-31 July 2015, Crowne Plaza National Airport Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia. 

Bungled Battlefields in the War of 1812: The Leadership of Generals Hull, van Rensselaer and Winder, paper given at the annual conference of the Society for Military History (April 9-12, 2015, Montgomery, Alabama); panel organized under the title “American Amateurs: Political Generalship in the Armies of the United States from 1812 to 1865” with Col. Michael Bonura. 

How the Federal Constitution and Declaration of Independence Were Saved by an Ox Cart, paper delivered at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. at its 2014 Annual Conference on DC Historical Studies, November 21, 2014. 

Managing the Endowment of Child Entities in Complex Systems: The Case of National Banking Legislation, 1781-1846, paper delivered at the Sixth Annual Complexity in Business Conference on October 31, 2014, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.  

Military Talent and Tactics in Defense of a National Capital: Madison's Lessons Learned from Napoleon's Capture of Moscow, paper delivered at the annual conference of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (July 20, 2014, Philadelphia); comments by Dr. Ralph Ketcham.

Workshop Presented at House of Commons, 
Palace of Westminster: 

Presented work-in-progress at 3 Parliament Street, SW1A 2NE at the invitation of David Natzler, Clerk of the House of Commons re: British and American Foundings of Parliamentary Science; 9 July 2015. 

Launch Party at Westminster: 

Drawing Room No. 3 at 3 Parliament Scene was the venue for the launch party celebrating the publication of British and American Foundings of Parliamentary Science 1774-1801 on 6 November 2017. Host: David Natzler, Clerk of the House of Commons. 

Recent Articles in Peer-Reviewed Publications: 

Articles in Public Law: United States Supreme Court Survey (Sweet & Maxwell, London); Public Law – International Survey (Sweet & Maxwell, London)

California voter-enacted ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. [2010] P. L. 195. 
Iowa Chief Justice and two colleagues removed from office in November, 2010 elections. [2011] P.L. 439. 
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; federal trial courts deliver mixed verdicts on constitutionality. [2011] P.L. 441. 
Missouri courts will not set minimum sale price at foreclosure sale—creditor may obtain deficiency after tendering its own non-cash bid for title to real property. [2012] P.L. 556 
Pennsylvania Supreme Court bars implementation of voter ID law for current election cycle; voter ID law approved over Voting Rights Act challenge; immediate implementation enjoined. [2013] P.L. 184 
United States of America—federal Courts of Appeal strike down ‘voter suppression’ laws restricting minority ballot access. [in press]  
 ‘Specially Detestable Monarchs’ and the Firing of Sally Q. Yates: A Short Tour of A.V. Dicey’s ‘Rule of Law’. [forthcoming]
United States of America — federal District Court grants Temporary Restraining Order against Trump Administration Executive Order Directing ‘Muslim Ban’ at Airports – Case C17-0141 JLR. [2017] P.L. 325. (April 2017) 
‘Specially Detestable Monarchs’ and the Firing of Sally Q. Yates: A Short Tour of A.V. Dicey’s ‘Rule of Law’. [2017] P.L. 320. (April 2017) 
United States of America—federal Courts of Appeal strike down ‘voter suppression’ laws restricting minority ballot access. [2017] P.L. 162. (January 2017) 

Recent Workshops: Work in Progress Presented:

The Science of Public History in the United States: Congress Founds the Ordered Spines of 1815-1861, work in progress presented at the invitation of the History Graduate Students Association workshop (February, 2014 in Lafayette, Indiana). 

Recent Conferences: Comments Presented:

Comments on Professor Zina Giannopoulou’s “Appropriately Named: Painting, Language, and Structure in Plato’s Cratylus,” at the International Plato Society Workshop, May, 2013, Palo Alto, California.

Regular Contributions to Peer Reviewed Publications:

AS 09.10.052 explained via Reeves v. Godspeed, Slip Op. 7219: Scalia’s Lucas v. South Carolina applied to private takings of private easements, 1 OCL 154, to be published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, April-June, 2018 issue. 

Ancient Precedents of Ketchikanian Land Tenures: Slip Op. 7207 (Dixon v. Dixon) Explained, 1 OCL 153, to be published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, January-March, 2017 issue. 

Deborah Ivy v. Calais Company, Slip Op. 7176 (June 2, 2017), 1 OCL 152, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, July-September, 2017 issue.  

Hwang v. Alaska Fur Gallery, No. 7164, Recapitulates Bardell v. Pickwick; Wigmore Missing in Action, 1 OCL 151, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, April-June, 2017 issue; appearing online (retitled) at https://www.academia.edu/33705413.

The First Consul’s Sale of the Louisiana Territory: Did Ambiguous Boundaries Sweep in Alaska? 1 OCL 150, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, January-March, 2017 issue; appearing online (retitled) at https://www.academia.edu/33705796.

The ‘Play of the Parties’ and ‘Myriad and Complex’ Facts: What’s ‘Difficult to Know’ about AS 9.10.240, 1 OCL 149, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, July-September, 2016 issue; appearing online (retitled) at https://www.academia.edu/33720751.

Arguing Your Case to the Supremes: A Religious Service Coming to a Courtroom Near You, 1 OCL 148, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, April-June, 2016 issue; appearing online (retitled) at https://www.academia.edu/33689833.

The Surprising Afterlife of the Alaska Territorial Code: Am. Trading v. Steele, 272 F. 774 (9th Cir. 1921) Analyzed (2016), 1 OCL 147, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, January-March, 2016 issue; appearing online (retitled) at https://www.academia.edu/22192234.

Goodness and Fairness at Work at the Alaska Constitutional Convention (1955-56) (2015), 1 OCL 146, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, October-December, 2015 issue; appearing online (retitled) at https://www.academia.edu/22254123.

Comments on Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar Association, 135 S. Ct. 1656 (2015), 1 OCL 145, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, July-September, 2015 issue; appearing online (retitled). 

Jefferson’s Manual of Parliamentary Practice, Considered in Aid of Alaska’s First Territorial Legislature, 1 OCL 144, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, April-June, 2015 issue; appearing online (retitled) at academia.edu/14855913.

Maryland’s Delayed Ratification of the Articles of Confederation: An Explanation for Seward’s Purchase of Alaska? 1 OCL 138, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, October-December, 2013 issue; appearing online (retitled) at academia.edu/9176443. 

James Madison’s Federalist No. 10 Considered in a Very Large State, 1 OCL 136, published in the Journal of the Alaska Bar Association, April-June 2013 issue; appearing online (retitled) at academia.edu/9176365. 

Student Essay Cited in Ninth Circuit Opinions and other Literature:

Comment, State Power and the Indian Treaty Right to Fish, 59 Cal. L. Rev. 485 (1971) [cited in United States v. Washington, 645 F. 2d 749, 754 n. 7 (9th Cir. 1981) (Anthony Kennedy, J.) and United States v. Oregon, 657 F. 2d 1009, 1016 (9th Cir. 1982)(Anthony Kennedy, J.) and in other opinions.] Also cited in Arthur F. McEvoy, The Fisherman's Problem: Ecology and Law in the California Fisheries, 1850-1980 (Cambridge University Press, 1990) at 331. 

Student Essay Commissioned by California Law Review:

Note, Removal of Non-Conforming Uses: Amortization, 59 Cal. Law Rev. 242-252 (1971)[appearing in CLR’s review of the 1969-1970 term of the California Supreme Court]. 

 Student Honors:

Note and Comment Editor, California Law Review (1970-1971) 
Organizer, Indian Law Seminar (Spring 1971) 
Law and the Native Americans (co-author) 1971: Casebook for seminar 

Appellate cases argued or briefed with opinions 
published in West’s Alaska Reporter:

225 P.3d 1097     (Alaska 2010)   Mat-Su Regional v. Voss 
141 P.3d 726        (Alaska 2006)   Valley Hospital v. Brauneis
137 P.3d 289       (Alaska 2006)   FNSB v. ICHRRA
135 P.3d 1000     (Alaska 2006)   ICHRRA v. FNSB 
115 P.3d 527        (Alaska 2005)   Interior Trails Coalition v. Swope
113 P.3d 613        (Alaska 2005)   State v. Trust the People
225 P.3d 1097(Alaska 2010) Mat-Su Regional v. Voss 
141 P.3d 726 (Alaska 2006)Valley Hospital v. Brauneis
137 P.3d 289(Alaska 2006) FNSB v. ICHRRA
135 P.3d 1000(Alaska 2006) ICHRRA v. FNSB 
115 P.3d 527(Alaska 2005)Interior Trails Coalition v. Swope
113 P.3d 613 (Alaska 2005) State v. Trust the People 
84 P.3d 418(Alaska 2004)ANTHC v. Settlement Funds
66 P.3d 736(Alaska 2003)Jerue v. Millett
995 P.2d 657(Alaska 2000)Parks Hiway v. CEM Leasing, Inc.
835 P.2d 1225(Alaska 1992)UAF v. Patten
768 P.2d 124(Alaska 1989)Smith v. Krebs  
761 P.2d 1013(Alaska 1988)Rybachek v. Sutton  
756 P.2d 270(Alaska 1987)Lundgren v. NBA 
742 P.2d 227(Alaska 1987)Lundgren v. NBA 
742 P.2d 781(Alaska 1987)ITA. v. FNSB
736 P.2d 1147(Alaska 1987)Donnybrook v. FNBA
723 P.2d 1267(Alaska 1986)Gaudiane v. Lundgren  
713 P.2d 1203(Alaska 1986)Drake v. Hosley  
670 P.2d 707(Alaska 1983)Vest v. FNBF
664 P.2d 575(Alaska 1983)State Dept. of Labor v. UAF
663 P.2d 547(Alaska 1983)Hayer v. NBA 
659 P.2d 1233(Alaska 1983)Vest v. FNBF
658 P.2d 761(Alaska 1983)Bentley Family Trust v. Noyes
630 P.2d 13(Alaska 1981)Morris v. State  
628 P.2d 565(Alaska 1981)City of Fairbanks v. Rice  
628 P.2d 918(Alaska 1981)Ballard v. Stich  
623 P.2d 1216(Alaska 1981)Alaska Ins. Co. v. RCA Alaska
621 P.2d 887(Alaska 1980)State v. 18,018 Square Feet
618 P.2d 561(Alaska 1980)Walker v. White  
615 P.2d 1(Alaska 1980)Penn v. Ivey  
615 P.2d 631(Alaska 1980)Dalton v. ICB 
599 P.2d 746(Alaska 1979)Veach v. Meyeres Real Estate, Inc.  
593 P.2d 621(Alaska 1979)Robinson v. State  
581 P.2d 218(Alaska 1978)Ashbrook v. O'Harra  
577 P.2d 1077(Alaska 1978)Miller v. State  
575 P.2d 782(Alaska 1978)Gipson v. State  
569 P.2d 1338(Alaska 1977)Maher v. Maher  
567 P.2d 311(Alaska 1977)Duncan v. City of Fairbanks  
564 P.2d 1219(Alaska 1977)Taylor v. State  
559 P.2d 104(Alaska 1977)ICB v. Bussing 
549 P.2d 1341(Alaska 1976)Loomis v. Schaefer 
548 P.2d 279(Alaska 1976)Morrow v. New Moon Homes  
545 P.2d 163(Alaska 1976)Nickels v. State  
540 P.2d 1056(Alaska 1975)City of Fairbanks v. Metro Co.  

Articles, Charts and Tables Posted Online: 

For access to the 279+ articles, charts and tables Prof. Aschenbrenner has published on-line please refer to: 

works.bepress.com/peter_aschenbrenner/ Current readership 6,191 downloads.

A selection of these works is posted online at  

Gubernatorial Appointments: 

Attorney-Commissioner, Judicial Conduct Commission, 
appointed by the Hon. Frank Murkowski, April, 2004. 
Attorney-Commissioner, Judicial Conduct Commission, 
re-appointed by the Hon. Sarah Palin, April, 2008. 

Works Published in Alaska:

From 1991 to 2010 I published 16 books on various topics of Alaska. At one time the worked listed below available through a third-party vendor with public and state libraries in Alaska acquiring some titles for their patrons. The first two have vestigial links appearing in amazon.com. With few exceptions, they were not kept up-to-date after 2010. 

Alaska Wills & Trusts Guidebook
Alaska ‘At Will’ Employment Manual 
Alaska ‘Just Cause’ Employment Manual 
Alaska Nonprofit Corporation Manual 
Alaska Business Corporation Manual 
Alaska Limited Liability Manual 
Better Recoveries From Bad Debt
Alaska Wage & Hour /Fair Labor Standards Act Manual 
Managing the City and Borough Worker 
The Thoroughly Modern Landlord 
The Alaska Commercial Landlord
Alaska Health Care Provider Lien Manual 
Alaska Small Claims Court Manual 
Managing Shareholder Transfers for Alaska Village Corporations
The Alaska Village Corporation Manual 
Annotated By-Laws: A Guidebook for Nonprofit Corporations 

Workshops Conducted in Alaska: 

The following organizations commissioned/sponsored workships using manuals I published in the time frame 1991-2010:

National Business Institute
Alaska Society of Independent Accountants
Lorman Education Services 
Sterling Education Services 
Ft. Wainwright Family Housing Association
Alaska Real Estate Commission
Lawyers For Justice 

Personal Reference: 

Dr. Richard Cornes
University of Essex
School of Law
Wivenhoe Park
Colchester, UK C04 35Q

Dr. Cornes is Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Essex, London, and Scheme Director for the LLM in UK Human Rights and Public Law. He is also the International Survey Editor for Public Law, an academic law journal published quarterly. Its main focus is on British constitutional and administrative law but it also publishes articles relating to other European and Commonwealth countries along with articles relating to constitutional issues in the US. 

A Professional Life, Narrated

Even before I graduated at Berkeley Law (1968-1971), I fell in love with Alaska, moved there (1972), brought up four children, built up a law firm with offices in the two largest cities, discovered the pleasure of professional writing, wrote sixteen books on Alaska law and self-published them (1991-2010). Also of interest: a low-level federal judgeship (1974-1991), judging judicial ethics on a state ethics commission (2000-2008) and 44 appearances before the state supreme court (1972-2010). 

I was invited to join the British Supreme Court research group (as the only American) in 1999. After an interview with Chief Justice Wm. Rehnquist (2000) at 100 Maryland Avenue (and a telephone interview with Attorney John Roberts), I decided to join the profession of historians. At the SHEAR conference in Philadelphia, I met Prof. John Larson (2011) who secured my current appointment for me, which enabled me to complete Victory After Bladensburg. I moved to Columbia, Maryland (2017) to exploit resources at the Library of Congress and Georgetown University Law Center. 

Explaining my numerous UK and European connections goes off in other directions: I refer to student days at St. George’s Hanover Square in London (1957) and the Oskar von Miller Gymnasium on Siegfried Strasse in Munich (1963-1964). Please consult https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Aschenbrenner for other background.